March 2nd, 2016 at 2:00am

A huge trend that sparked in the fall was the comeback of the choker. You know, the kind that the ’90s kids wore back in elementary or middle school. The elementary version of the black choker is found easily and anywhere in your nearby mall. But, the trend has aged into a new kind of choker, the kind that this month’s Fashionista is wearing.

The choker is now all about individuality. There are now hundreds of different versions across the online shops such as ASOS, Revolve, Forever 21, etc. The choker is now a major trend, so do it some justice. I suggest ASOS online to find a good replica of this Fashionista’s choker. Also, ASOS has a large quantity and variety to choose from.

This Fashionista is wearing a weekend outfit. When going out to dinner or enjoying company at a house party or at a bar, Towson students have their own style that separates them from other colleges. Every University has its own style or signature look. At Towson, students wear high-waisted denim pants and heels out at night. This Fashionista chose to wear closed toed, black booties. For February, which is sometimes the coldest month of the year, closed-toed shoes and a lightweight jacket are a must for the winter nights.

The little black leather jacket is worn with a salmon-colored low V-neck top. These two clothing pieces emphasize the Fashionista’s figure while also giving her the option to cover up for the cold months.

This look can be imitated by wearing a tight pair of high-waisted denim pants, a tight low neck line top with a bomber or leather jacket. Any pair of black booties with a heel with do. Accessory wise, rings are crucial to complete a look. I suggest a knuckle ring and dainty ring sets from Forever 21, for quantity and a low price.

How To: Something worth knowing about the choker is when and where to wear it. At Towson, the outfit that is worn to class and the outfit worn out at night are two completely different concepts. A choker is great to wear out at night; the outfit will equal out the drama that the choker brings to the outfit, giving your look symmetry and completeness.