ALL IN THE DETAILS: The In-Between Season Blues

Springtime is upon us. Realistically, this back and forth weather could have us feeling chilly until July. The question for all Fashionistas is, “How do we deal with these in-between season blues?” Look no further. We are here to help.

Check out this Fashionista. She is ready for it all. The easy black leggings and simple cotton T-shirt at the base of this look are ideal if the sun pops out. For now, it’s a little chilly, so she puts on a light jacket and a scarf to get through the afternoon. The jacket is finished with large buttons for a fun, schoolgirl feel. The knit of the scarf adds texture to the outfit. I love the earthy vibe to this entire ensemble. The basic core leaves her looking comfortable and ready for anything. The suede fringe bag brings it all together in a unique and tribal way. It is perfection.

The beauty in this look is its versatility. If it gets a little warm, she can take off the jacket. If it’s the right temperature for winter garments, the scarf is there or she can throw on a beanie. The details of the outfit make it wearable for any time of the year. The colors flow together in a neutral way, and, essentially, she can do no wrong. She has mastered the in-between season blues. And she looks fantastic.

How To: Grab yourself a flowy and lightweight dress, an army jacket (hood included), a heavier knit or crocheted scarf and/or a beanie, and you’re ready for whatever the day has in store for you!