ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Geometric Approach

I always lose or break almost every piece of jewelry I have and will ever own. Whether it gets caught on a zipper or slips down the drain, after one day of wear, I need to either rush it to the ER or file a missing person’s report. While I have my own debacle with necklaces and rings, these two elements can completely bring an outfit together. It reminds me of how a smoothie looks before and after the blender. Before, an outfit is just a combination with individual, whole pieces. After adding a few pieces of geometric jewelry, it becomes molded into this seamless blend of style. Now I want a smoothie.

This Fashionista’s outfit is perfect for a day spent brunching, lounging or both. The simple tank top gives a minimalistic, effortless look. The cream lace shorts complement the modern top by adding a softer hue to the palette. Combined with some gorgeous white sandals, this outfit would not be complete without the triangle necklace. The geometric accessories elongate the top and make the combination blend together with less harsh lines.

I found this Fashionista outside a diner on a 90 degree Sunday. Summer doesn’t have to steal your style. This Fashionista proved it’s possible to beat the heat and look extremely posh.

How To: Monochromatic pairings are essential to any Fashionista/o’s wardrobe. Black and white are partners in crime, but sometimes you need a little more than just contrasting colors. Add geometric inspired jewelry and the neutral combo will be elevated to a whole different level. Polish it off with your favorite sandals and you are ready for whatever the day may bring you. Happy brunching and/or lounging!