ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Fringes of Fall

Fashionistas and Fashionistos everywhere are currently embracing the last of their fall fashion before the icy cold winter hits. Once the temperature starts drastically dropping and snow starts falling, cute suede booties and lightweight jackets are traded in for winter boots and heavy parkas. As much as we want to show off our carefully planned outfits, frigid winds make that impossible. While we still have a few more weeks before the winter storms, we must make the most of our favorite fall wardrobe staples.

This Fashionista planned out an effortless, boho fall outfit for this unusually warm November day. She achieves the perfect fall look through the details of her outfit. She expertly layers a fringed poncho over top an ombré long-sleeved T-shirt. Layering is the key to fall fashion, and this season, ponchos have been quite the wardrobe staple in order to create perfect layering. Over top turtlenecks, T-shirts or blouses, fringed ponchos add just the right touch of bohemian flair. Pairing the bright and printed poncho over a top that is not solid makes for a bold statement look.

An element of the Fashionista’s look that caught my eye were her adorable gray suede booties. Simple and versatile, they could be worn throughout fall, as well as spring and summer. They looked great with her distressed cuffed jeans, but they could easily be worn with dresses or culottes as well. She rocked them now before the ice and snow would make it impossible to wear them without getting wet or ruined. Lastly, the Fashionista accessorized with fun jewelry to complete her fall look. Her blue and gold layered necklace brought out the colors in her top and complimented the bohemian style of the poncho.

It takes little details such as layering, fringe and jewelry to create the perfect fall outfit. As Fashionistas and Fashionistos, we must take advantage of the time we have left to rock our favorite fall staples before they are hidden in the back of our closet until next year.