ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Essential Red Lipstick

Red lipstick is one of those essential beauty items that every girl needs to have. Find your perfect shade of red lipstick, and you’ve probably found one of your best friends (beauty supply best friend, that is). Red lipstick is one of those essentials that fits inside so many different style realms. Whatever the style may be, red lipstick fits. It’s classic, it’s versatile and it adds spice to any outfit.

This Fashionista wore her pop of red lipstick perfectly. She found a shade that works with her skin tone, and she went with it. Her lipstick highlights her face and adds a single pop of color to her simple yet sophisticated outfit. This Fashionista keeps the base of her outfit dark, so the concentration of color is directly on her red lipstick. She also continues a vegan leather theme from her Dr. Martens to her jacket, which pulls the entire outfit together.

The boots she wears construct an alternative feel to her style. They create a sense of purpose for her entire outfit. Without them, the outfit wouldn’t have shown off her style and who she is. The boots create her style. Without them, the outfit would have been simple and easier to emulate. By wearing the boots and jacket, this Fashionista shows off her style, and she also shows how she pulls off red lipstick.

How To: Wear red lipstick whenever you want! Seriously! You can wear it like this Fashionista, with dark tones and a pop of red. You can wear it with a dress. You can even wear it with red. Just be confident, and don’t worry, you’ll definitely pull it off.