ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Cuff and Scrunch

Every Fashionisto/a has a few staple pieces in his or her wardrobe. These are the items he or she will typically gravitate towards when those creative juices are not flowing as freely as they usually do because they exist within the boundaries of his or her comfort zone. For a lot of people, the ultimate “play it safe” item is a classic button-down shirt. An item like the button-down shirt comes in handy, especially for guys, because it’s versatile and transformable. You can button it up all the way for an interview, you can leave a few buttons undone for date night or you can wear it completely unbuttoned over a plain white T-shirt. Recently, however, the transformation method that has become most popular amongst male button-down wearers is “the cuff and scrunch.” This method is a great way to transform a look from straight edge to straight up cool.

I spotted this Fashionisto executing this very method on his way to work. He not only cuffed and scrunched the sleeves of his gray and white checkered button-down, but also followed suit by using the same method on the pant-legs of his black jeans. Not only does taking this extra step give the Fashionisto’s outfit a more cool, casual and relaxed vibe, but it also makes the ensemble more seasonally appropriate for summer, pairing well with his trendy Birkenstock sandals and Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses. With this interest adding detail, this Fashionisto transformed an otherwise “safe” outfit into an attention deserving one.

How To: Ladies, wondering how you too can rock the cuff and scrunch? Try it with an over-sized denim jacket! Pair the look with a T-shirt dress and some high-top Vans and you’ve achieved a totally grungy vibe with minimal effort.