ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Cold Weather Uniform

December 6th, 2015 at 2:00am

We’re deep into the fall months, and rapidly approaching are the dreaded winter months.  Fashionista/o’s everywhere are trading in short sleeve shirts and short hemlines for sweaters and layers.  I like to refer to the ever popular sweater and jeans look as the “cold weather uniform.” Let me explain.  If you examine fashion trends dating back centuries, you will see that sweaters have remained a staple in every designer collection for the fall/winter seasons, thus they have been worn by men and women alike for forever.  It’s become understood that with the arrival of colder weather, also comes the arrival of chunky knits.  But has this trend grown old?  Maybe so, but it doesn’t have to, and this Fashionista’s outfit is a perfect example of that.

This Fashionista took a classic sweater and elevated her look by layering it with a lace top and jewelry.  My favorite part of the look is the lace top.  It adds a special touch to the look, especially as the cut of the sweater comes up in the front before dropping on the sides.  It’s also a great way to translate a summer piece into your fall and winter wardrobe.

Jewelry also adds a nice touch to this outfit.  Jewelry can make or break an outfit in my opinion.  Luckily, the current jewelry trend is dainty and layered, which makes it pretty hard to overdo.  In this look she layered a two tied gold necklace with a geometric gold necklace, hitting in between the two golden discs.  She also added a stack of gold rings embellished with stones to accent the stack of bangles accessorizing her wrists.

And finally, in true all in the details fashion, this Fashionista has painted her nails a fall appropriate fuchsia.  I’m all for painting your nails to match the season or your mood, and it conveniently doubles as an added accessory to any outfit.

How To: You most likely have a sweater or two in your closet. The lace undershirt on the other hand may not be in all of your closets.  Right now is a perfect time to hit up your local retailer’s clearance section to grab a piece or two like this left over from warmer months.  As for jewelry, get creative.  You most likely already have several necklaces perfect for layering, you just need to try them on to see what works.  Go for necklaces of similar tints and varying lengths and you’re good to go.