ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Classic Headband

Technically it is not spring, but with the temperature at 45 degrees Fahrenheit, it might as well be. This Fashionista sports a casual yet light look for a beautiful day in Boston. As we transition to spring, it is essential to not underestimate the weather by slowly but surely starting to wear some light pieces.

What stands out in this Fashionista’s ensemble is her stylish hair and how she incorporated a black and white headband with it. Headbands are a symbol of spring and summer. They can vary from the classic black headband to the flower headband seen at all of the music festivals. They are a small accessory, but really make an outfit stand out.

She also added a short sleeve shirt and ombre jeans that particularly remind you of warmer seasons. To finish off, she decided to wear a nice, short pair of black boots and a beige purse. As the weather gets better, people tend to go for lighter colors that better represent the temperature and the spirits around campus.

How To: Is it finally getting warmer on your campus? You can integrate this look by getting a headband that fits your style. You can go for a flower print headband to get you into the spring spirit or a classic black and white. In addition, you need to find a peacoat that is light so you are not too hot, but perfectly prepared for warmer weather!