ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Balancing Act of Soft and Edgy

ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Balancing Act of Soft and Edgy

Picture this. For some reason you have to look absolutely amazing tomorrow (whether that be for a class presentation or an unexpected run in with your newly turned ex, cough cough – I’ll leave that up to your digression). Anyways, you’re lying in bed mentally scanning your closet, trying to plan out this jaw dropping outfit. You decide looking feminine enough to be desirable, yet edgy enough to be off limits is the way to go. Your mind is at ease and you can now finally get back to your beauty sleep.

If you’re anything like me, you know how tedious it can be getting your outfit to look exactly how you pictured it the night before. You’ll start critiquing different pieces, telling yourself “These shoes won’t work,” “this necklace is too bold” for at least a solid 30 minutes. After plenty of trial and error your room is now destroyed with clean clothes (that’s the best part, am I right?), and just maybe you’ve found the perfect balance of soft and edgy.

This Fashionista has mastered the balancing act! Her simple black leather jacket and ripped skinny pant have set the tone for this look. These are the edgy closet staples that every fashionista should invest in. She contrasted those items with her white blouse and quilted Channel purse, which soften her look up a bit. But my favorite feature has to be her shoes! Picture this look without her black velvet chunky boot. It just wouldn’t have the same impact. The velvet texture is so feminine while the chuck of the heel gives off a harder tone. It’s perfect! Last, her silver jewelry combined with her bold lip just tie the look all together.

This Fashionista may not have been worrying about any boys when she put this outfit on, but theoretically he definitely had a moment of regret… probably twice.