ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Art of Embellishment

When I was little, the only thing I enjoyed more than listening to a story was telling one myself. I always loved to embellish some of the smaller details just to see how exciting I could make a story sound before the listener totally stopped believing me. Now that I’m older, I can’t help but feel like there are times when the things that happen in my life are about as crazy as the stories I used to make up. Since I no longer need to dress up my stories, I’ve shifted my appreciate for embellished details into wardrobe form. Believe it or not, spunky details can be a closet’s best storyline.

This Fashionista added a noteworthy plot twist to her unique maxi dress. The neckline was finished with beaded detailing that complemented the colors of her dress. This intricate bead work helped spice up her look by accentuating the subtle aztec pattern on her dress. Additionally, the beads were pivotal to her outfit because they acted not only as an authentic embellishment but as an accessory as well, meaning this Fashionista didn’t even need a necklace.

Overall, this ensemble captures a comfy, boho-chic style. This Fashionista wore an artsy bracelet that balanced out the beading on her dress, and  inspired a bit of hippie flair that is often reflected in boho fashion. The bright hues were a fun play on the native and tribal aspects of bohemian style, while the maxi dress was very feminine silhouette.

How To: Looking to create some new excitement in your life? Embellishing your wardrobe is the perfect place to start! Achieve this Fashionista’s look by searching for tops or dresses that have embellishments on the collar or neckline. It is a stylish boho detail that will dress up any outfit and quickly become one of the most important roles in your closet’s fashionable tale.