ALL IN THE DETAILS: That '70s Scarf

Hello Fashionistas and Fashionistos! It’s your girl Kelly, back and stoked to be writing this brand new post! Layers are essential for these dreary, winter months, however they HAVE to be styled properly. There is such thing as over-layering, even in the tundra that is February through March. One can be reasonable for the winter without having to compromise their look.

Recently, skinny scarves have been the trendiest thing since kale and I am absolutely digging it! The skinny scarf is a nod towards the seventies trend, which is already huge in women’s fashion and skinny scarves are surprisingly versatile accessories. I love them because they can always dress up your plain top without making it look like you’re trying too hard.

This Fashionista is killing the layered bohemian look right now. She is able to stay warm and pulls off the Penny Lane moment she is having on campus. She pairs her plain striped T-shirt with her chic Zara jacket, which incorporates a trendy shearling collar that flows with her bohemian vibe. This Fashionista then paired her jeans with her statement sneakers to keep the outfit casual and modern.

For this casual look, she kicked the ensemble up a notch or two with the skinny, printed scarf and unique necklace. The thin, guitar pick necklace is eye-catching and simple, which keeps the scarf the main focus. The skinny scarf keeps the accessories fashion forward but also maintains the layered silhouette. She was smart for keeping the accessories minimal and is totally serving retro, groovy looks while balancing the edge with her cool sneakers and accessories.

 How To: Skinny scarves are all of the rage right now and so appropriate for the winter and upcoming spring season. Pair one with a simple, casual outfit and incorporate thin, simple jewelry for a bomb outfit.