ALL IN THE DETAILS: Textured Layers

Fall is a season that is loved by most for multiple reasons but it also means that cool weather is quickly approaching. Right now in Kent, Ohio the weather is chilly in the morning and warm by the afternoon. It can be frustrating to try and dress for days when the weather is bipolar but it also gives you a chance to be creative with your style!

This Fashionista found the perfect balance in her outfit for this type of weather! Her outfit is a mix of different colors, textures and patterns. She wore a black and white striped long sleeve shirt with loose fitting cranberry colored shorts for a pop of color. To stay warm as she walks across campus, she paired her outfit with a military-inspired jacket. I believe that a military inspired jacket should be a staple in every Fashionista’s closet because it can be styled in multiple ways for fall or spring.

The details of her outfit are what make it stand out. She wore two-inch heel combat boots (another fall staple) and simple dainty rings. The one detail that I believe makes the Fashionista’s outfit unique are her knee-high socks. She wore textured knee-high socks to not only keep her legs warm in the morning but to also add a bit of an edge to her look. I love that this Fashionista topped off her look with a black wide brim floppy hat because I feel that it completes her look.

How To: When picking out an outfit for cool mornings and warm afternoons just remember to layer your clothes! Wear an outfit that will be cool enough for the afternoon like a long sleeve shirt paired with shorts or a skirt. Then over top wear a light jacket for those cooler mornings. To make your outfit pop even more add a trendy hat or an edgy pair of knee-high socks to complete your look!