ALL IN THE DETAILS: Teal Tousled Throwback

Just like many of you, I’ve caught myself considering making a big splurge at the hair salon to make a commitment to becoming one of those enviable Instagram girls, attaining just the right pastel shade to be able to stand out from any crowd. As a brunette, this is an even bigger commitment, as the process (I found, much to my dismay) can take major moolah and major damage to your hair in order to achieve any shade resembling the Insta-fabulosity you crave.

In addition, a new spunky shade also requires a (semi)-extensive reevaluation of your wardrobe, as now you have a consistent color that you now have to take into consideration. Luckily, if you consider yourself a vintage/ thrift-store fiend, the ’80s and ’90s were chock-full of bright shades to complement your new electric ‘do! Time to break out those snazzy windbreakers! Our Fashionista is an excellent model for this; the neon green and pink are a perfect match for her teal-dyed locks.

If you’re more of an online shopper than a thrift store browser, some awesome finds I recommend are this jacket by adidas or this windbreaker-vest from New Balance. For an additional layer option, the Patagonia Snap-T Pullover has been my go-to this season.

Another element of this Fashionista’s outfit that is a must-have of on-the-go college students are her sneakers. More specifically, they are timeless and always en vogue. Your mother probably wore them, and you probably covet them just as much. The adidas Superstars our Fashionista wears have been proven to work with an infinite amount of outfits, and one who owns a pair can understand why they’ve remained popular for so long.

In old images you can see my mom’s fondness for Reebok Classics, and I’ve inherited her love for them, as the Freestyle Hi sneakers I own are one of my most coveted shoes in my closet. And if you’ve been following me enough, you probably already know that I will always recommend a pair of Converse and Vans as an option for every outfit known to man.

How To: To be honest, it’s really up to you to decide what colors you think work best with your hair! I’ve seen lavender hair work wonderfully against a conservative maroon button-up just as well as with a wild neon lime green and orange pullover. It’s really a matter of one’s personal taste. What matters most is that the color coordination of your hair and outfit becomes something to be considered often.