February 1st, 2017 at 2:00am

With the decreasing degrees and increasing amount of layers one must wear in order to stay warm this time of year, it just means that it is winter ladies and gentleman. You are able to throw on your warm booties, wrap yourself up in cozy sweaters, and cover yourselves in scarves. New England is notorious for its ever-changing weather. On this particular day, it was a crisp, cool, and sunny. Not many layers of clothing were needed on this warm afternoon.

Meet this cute Fashionista. She was spotted by me while I was walking to class one day. Her eye-catching combination of colors and choice of accessories caught my eye. She looks so fashionable, yet so comfortable with her draped plaid shawl. This Fashionista is critical when it comes to the little things in her outfit. She makes sure that small parts stand out in big ways. She does this by pairing her accessories with simpler pieces of clothing. Her ripped jeans and matching tassels in her booties and shawl go well together. She chose to use a long necklace that compliments the neckline on her shirt, along with some glitzy bangles. She explained her look to me by saying, “some say simple is better, but sometimes you need to add some tassels and shiny jewels to spice it up.”

This look as a whole is chic and stylish. With the small details making a showstopping appearance, this outfit is pulled together perfectly. You do not always need to worry about the big pieces in an outfit, but rather the small accessories that speak for themselves. This Fashionista really knows what she is doing when putting together an effortless look.