ALL IN THE DETAILS: Taking the Grunge Plunge

January 27th, 2017 at 2:00am

This unique Fashionista would describe her personal style as “a cross between Foxy Brown from the 1974 film Foxy Brown, and Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians.” She embraces the grunge look, a style of comfort, flannel, hard denim, and a passion for thrifting. Her nonchalant demeanor in these photos alone showcases the indifferent attitude that goes hand in hand with this look.

Wide-legged jeans, combat boots, chokers, turtlenecks, hoop earrings, faux fur, and handbags are all a part of her daily wardrobe. She gets her inspiration from the fashion and beauty trends of the ’60s and ’70s; she loves heavy eyeliner and dramatic eyelashes.

Thrift and vintage stores are this Fashionista’s calling, her favorites being Goodwill and Metropolis Vintage in NYC. Large silver hoops are her staple style piece. The simple lace choker complements the thick navy infinity scarf she has wrapped around her neck and back. I love the way this Fashionista pulls off such a distinctive look that is truly her own.

She proudly sports a hand-cut T-shirt featuring Malcolm X, the celebrated human rights activist. Her jacket, shoes, jeans and bag were all thrifted and have the faded, worn look that the typical ‘grunge girl’ rocks in her everyday getup. To get the unstructured loose fit that grunge requires, it’s best to stay away from fitted tops; her DIY crop top is the perfect example.

This anti-conformist fashion is casual, comfortable and incomparable. If you ever need help on how to put together a simple grunge look, try spotting this Fashionista on campus. Just look for the big silver hoops!