ALL IN THE DETAILS: Take It to the Edge

School’s out and summer is here. Is there a better time to try new things? I don’t think so! When it comes to summer, I like to think of it as an opportunity to experiment with different styles and branch out from my comfort zone. This summer, my philosophy is “the bolder the better!”

I used to “stay within the lines” when it came to fashion, not taking risks and remaining in my comfort zone. After my freshman year, I learned that the moments of coloring within the lines are over; it’s time to show my inner self through my sense of style and not be afraid to do so.

As I ventured out on a Sunday afternoon, I came upon this Fashionista. Though she may look simple, she is actually making a bold statement with her outfit. She is styling a checkered black and white top with stunning white shorts and black pumps. Sounds like a nice, plain outfit, right? Well, take a closer look at the details. Her top features a bare back and it adds an edgy touch to the ensemble. Another detail to focus on is the bright yellow clutch. I always say that a pop of color never hurt anybody. Even though the Fashionista has a black and white pattern going on, she decided to make a statement with a staple piece such as a bright-colored clutch. Finally, she opted for a pair of fierce sunglasses to add to her look. As you can see, she was going for a sophisticated, edgy look and she totally nailed it! Now, you can see why I was completely mesmerized with her look.

She could have decided to make a statement with a bold necklace or long earrings, but she “took the road less traveled” and opted for a bright colored clutch, red lipstick and fierce sunglasses. Props to her for that smart combination!

How To: Have you ever wanted to add some edge to your outfit, but don’t know how? A pair of statement sunglasses, such as the ones the Fashionista is styling, will do the trick! Also, wearing a pair of pumps will definitely add to the edgy look you want to convey.