June 1st, 2015 at 2:00am

T-shirts have gotten a bad rep for themselves in the past. People might be wary of putting on a T-shirt in fear of looking too casual or like they didn’t put enough effort into their outfit. Times are changing, my friends. Gone are the days of viewing T-shirts as extremely informal. In the fashion world, it has become socially acceptable to dress up a simple T-shirt and everyone needs to try it!

The great thing about dressing up a T-shirt is that you can literally go anywhere and rock an appropriate outfit. Here’s a scenario: you’re headed to class and right after you are meeting some friends for coffee. The fact that you’re wearing a T-shirt allows you to blend in with your equally as academically stressed out peers in class. Then, when you show up to coffee you look put together and fabulous. This will no doubt impress your friends and maybe even help you do better in class.

The wonderful Fashionista before us pieced together the perfect transition outfit. The white statement T-shirt is complemented with army green skinnies. I like both articles of clothing because the T-shirt is ironic and kind of hilarious, while the jeans are versatile and stand out more than regular jeans.

So, we have the basic building blocks to what could have been an average outfit of a T-shirt and jeans, but no. This Fashionista went a step further with fun accenting. Her chunky chain gold necklace is very bold; gold jewelry is perfect for summer! The color gold is warm and highlights tan skin. The shoes sported by the Fashionista are a perfect example of a summer staple. It’s optimal to have neutral sandals that are easy to throw on and look good with any outfit. They pull the outfit together by focusing the attention up to the other colors presented.

How To: Don’t let the stigma of wearing a T-shirt out in public discourage you. With the right accessories, you can take your favorite lounging around T-shirt to a fashion-forward outfit. Conquer an active day of classes and spending time with your friends in a T-shirt.