ALL IN THE DETAILS: Swinter Wonderland

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Swinter Wonderland

Weather on the East Coast has been dramatically unpredictable over the past several weeks. From being 70 degrees last Friday afternoon to having a snow day four days later, us Marylanders have no idea what to wear to accommodate these inconsistent weather conditions! But have no fear, another Fashionisto is here to save the day and help you tackle this crazy climate change!

Since we never know what the temperature is going to be outside, layering is going to be crucial for any successful outfit. Our Fashionisto has conquered the layered look by having a stylish deep green and navy button-down underneath a light gray quarter zip with navy accents that complement the button-down.

One clothing item that will never go out of style is a good pair of khakis. This Fashionisto mentioned to me that he gets more use out of his pair of khakis than any other pants in his closet! If you don’t like wearing regular fit khakis because of the loose cut ankles, you could also wear a pair of khaki joggers to complete this outfit. Khaki joggers are a nice switch-up from khakis because they have elastic closings around the ankles, making it easier to tuck into a pair of boots. This outfit can also be mastered by throwing on a dark wash pair of jeans as well.

This University of Maryland Fashionisto slipped on his favorite of shoes, his LL Bean Boots, in order to prepare for any unexpected weather that may begin during his day of walking around campus. For winter, spring, summer, or fall, these boots are the perfect complement to any outfit. They can outlast any other shoe in the rain or snow, all while remaining comfortable on your feet throughout long days of trudging around on campus.

To tie this entire casual look together, our Fashionisto threw on his favorite watch. He likes being a few minutes early to each of his classes, and is also aware that he needs to leave even earlier because you never know what type of weather to expect nowadays! But hey, at least he’s dressed for success against mother nature!