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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sweet and Classy

November 22nd, 2016 at 2:07am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sweet and Classy

As fall comes to an end and winter approaches, there are only a few more chances to break out your favorite fall apparel. For this Fashionista, she has decided to make her last few days of fall count in a simple outfit with complementary accessories.

This particular fall attire starts out as a simple canvas, with a plain black, form fitting dress and sheer black tights. Layering on top, my Fashionista has added a slightly oversized, knit cardigan not only for warmth but to set a color scheme for her overall appearance. A simple makeup look is all you need to finish off this fall season before bundling up for winter. With a quick swipe of mascara and a neutral colored lipstick, you will be set. Her over-the-knee boots, which are a personal favorite of mine, add sophistication and edge to her presence. In addition, you can see this Fashionista has added a black choker necklace as an accent piece. Any necklace will do depending on your personal style, but another option I would consider would be a layering necklace that hangs between the cardigan.

My favorite parts about this entire outfit are the watch and ring. Sometimes accessories can clash with one another, but these two add just the right amount of class to bring the outfit together. It may be obvious that a watch can be both stylish and practical for Fashionistas who are always on the go. In this particular case, the watch is purely there to make a fashion statement, and it is not overshadowing any aspect of the outfit. The simple silver ring adds a small touch of finesse without cluttering the hand.

While you continue to enjoy your last days of fall before transitioning into the winter season, don’t be afraid to add some accessories to your look. Keep it simple and classy. There is nothing that says Fashionista more than an individual who can accessorize properly.