ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sweaters To The Max

Remember those maxi dresses you wore on those sweet summer nights in paradise? Well, many are rocking a new look this winter that may remind you of those carefree days amidst the cold, harsh winter that is upon us. The maxi look is back, but this time in sweater form. These maxi cardigans add length and flow to any outfit while providing the warmth of a blanket. The maxi cardigan is a bohemian reinvention of the traditional cardigan we all love. Similar to the cape look, the maxi cardigan is a practical, fashionable way to look great this winter while conserving some body heat. Maxi cardigans definitely can come in handy on those days when the temperature falls bellow zero (thanks Michigan.)

Paired with fitted bottoms or boyfriend jeans, maxi cardigans are easy and fun. They’re also cute with shorts and boots or even a pair of high-tops. To play with length even more, wear your maxi cardigan with a mini skirt or dress. They look great with boots, but they can also be worn with heels or flats to make the look a bit more sophisticated.

This Fashionista walks along the cold Ann Arbor streets with her maxi cardigan that reaches just a few inches above her ankles. She stays extra warm with a plaid, long sleeve button-down underneath. The knitted look of the cardigan adds some texture to her look. She pairs her cardigan with a cute pair of ankle boots and spices the outfit up with a wool fedora. Notice how long her legs look as your eyes trace the sweater downward. Rather than boho, this Fashionista turns the maxi cardigan into a preppy look.

How To: Need something that will keep you warm without looking like a grandma? Have no fear, the maxi cardigan is here. Pair it with a pair of skinny jeans and your favorite books, and you’ll be looking stylish, fabulous and nothing like your grandma! Sick of pants? Play around with the look, and pair your maxi cardigan with that dress hiding deep in your closet.