ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sweater Weather

October 17th, 2016 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sweater Weather

It’s fall! Oh my gosh the leaves are changing, the pumpkins are flavoring everything and Uggs are considered to be acceptable footwear. I still don’t understand that whole trend but that isn’t what this article is about so we will move on. For Arizona this means fashion season but for those on the East Coast, this means parkas. Yes I am mocking you folks. Have fun shoveling some snow while we tan for another two months.

Anyway, back to fashion. This Fashionista killed the style game with confidence and comfort. Her jeans are fitted to show off her slim frame and to counteract the bagginess of the upper half of her outfit. The plain black tank top doesn’t distract from her red sweater but it pulls out the hints of black sewn into each little crevice. Her sweater is a home run because fall is all about comfortable looking clothing that match the colors of leaves. In this case, that maroon will always be in fashion during this time of year.

Her ankle booties are adorable with the fringe and keep the vibe of her necklace afloat. Statement pieces are a must with simple and plain tops. In my personal opinion, gold and rose gold are superior to silver jewelry in the fall. It is probably because the gold color mimics a fire place while silver reminds us of snow. I mean, something like that. Ignore the fact that snow amuses the heck out of Arizona students because it sticks to our cacti and all, and just think of the fall vibes in this case. Those East-Coasters could really use some gold jewelry in the next month. Ignore my entire opinion if you are going to a fancy dance of some sort and dress up in diamonds like the princess we all strive to be.