ALL IN THE DETAILS: Surviving The Cold In A Very RAD Way

Whoa there! It is freezing here on Ball State’s campus. The temperature has dropped to the single digits, and wind chills are packing some negative freeze. On this particular day it is four degrees outside with a wind chill of -11.

During the winter season many students give up their personal style because of uncomfortable temperatures. How do we survive these insanely cold days without totally giving up our sense of fashion? I mean seriously, is there a way?

While walking around campus I saw this always RAD Fashionisto, demonstrating that we can survive the cold in a very RAD way.

This Fashionisto realizes the power in layering and unique patterns. He layers some very interesting pieces. For warmth he wears an oversized camouflage jacket that falls right above the knee and a crème bomber jacket. He also wears a black face mask and a pair of black Timberlands, all of which are awesome thrift store finds. On his back he wears his favorite checkered backpack, and he rocks a pair of black skinny jeans that he customized himself with a colorful patch.

What stands out about this Fashionisto is his unique choice of patterns and layering. He isn’t afraid to make bold choices, and he certainly doesn’t sacrifice his personal style on account of cold temperatures.

How To: So you want to look fashionable through the freezing temperatures winter has to offer, but don’t know how? Well, It’s all about layering and the patterns you choose. Mismatch your favorite solids and patterns. Don’t be afraid to experiment with winter layers. Lastly, add life to your outfit by choosing colorful embellishments and accessories.