This outfit is absolutely perfect for just about any event. Whether it be a trip to Matthew Knight Arena for a basketball game or to a local Eugene brewery for some libations and conversation with friends, this Fashionisto has kept it simple and to the point. He has sculpted a very suave outfit wearing only black and gray, which complement each other flawlessly and fit all occasions.

This Fashionisto shows off his modern flair and style by wearing a traditional jersey with a sport-fan look, swapping out a typical Oregon Duck jersey seen just about everywhere on campus. The popular brand that he’s chosen is Supreme, which is known for its hip, street style look. It’s the main focus, especially once the stylish gray jacket is taken off, those around him are drawn to the smooth cursive letters spelling out “Supreme” on his jersey.

To top off his outfit, our Fashionisto throws on a Black Scale necklace, adding an accent to his outfit, making sure not to take anything away from the overall look but adding yet another layer of style. Check out the fresh, high fashion Gucci sneakers. This Fashionisto knows how to style himself from head to toe.

To keep his outfit grounded, he offsets the high end mix of Supreme and Gucci with a jacket from an unknown brand. His casual gray jacket was picked up from Buffalo Exchange, a local consignment store many students find to be a great source for interesting pieces, great prices and wide selection.

How To: Instead of a casual gray jacket, how about changing it up and adding a dapper touch. Black sleek peacoats are a great way to add a fancy touch to your outfit, also changing your outfit from day to night.