The new year isn’t so new anymore and March marks the beginning of midterms. Exams are piling on and spring break is right around the corner. Our stress level is at an all time high as we are itching for our fabulous Fashionista/o breaks to start and our dreadful exams to end. In times of testing everyone knows that comfort is a necessity. When thinking about dressing for comfort, shoes are always a make it or break it factor. So what better way to be comfortable than to throw on your favorite pair of sneakers before heading out the door to that grueling 8:00 a.m.? No heels needed here! But as a Fashionista/o there is no way to justify sacrificing our style for comfort. After all, they do say beauty is pain. So if there was a way to achieve both comfort and a great look, why not skip the heels?

This Fashionista’s kicks are the perfect way to stay true to your fabulous style while rocking something totally comfortable. And it is no secret that adidas Superstars are a huge trend right now—just check your Instagram feed. They are everywhere and they look great with everything. There are no tricks with these sweet shoes. Find your size and throw those bad boys on while you walk through the unknowing weather that leads up to spring break. And if adidas aren’t your style, there are tons of other cute sneakers out there that share the same look.

This Fashionista completes her look with a plain white T-shirt, high-waisted black skinnies and the perfect assortment of stackable rings. This outfit is perfect for any day of class and will not leave you uncomfortable as you inevitably take those exams of yours.

How To: Are these type of sneakers not your regular style? That’s okay. Pair them with something simple like a graphic T-shirt and your favorite pair of skinny jeans to start. Once you realize how much you love them, you will be wearing them every chance you get.