ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sun's Out, Guns Out

Now that the heat is finally in full-throttle (especially here in SoCal), its that time of the year to show as much skin to your heart’s content! Always having been inclined towards the darker end of the color spectrum, I haven’t always been so keen on the intense heat of summer as I struggle to balance a tougher look whilst trying to fend off sweat. I’m not one to put down flowy maxi dresses or floral radiant patterns, respectively in their own right they can be downright beautiful, but they’ve never appealed to me as an aspect of personal clothing taste.

This Fashionista immediately caught my eye as she effortlessly expressed a fresh summer look while at the same time displaying her fashionably dark nature. Her striped sleeveless top is perfect for a beat the heat look while giving perfect simplicity of color palette. One aspect of quality in the detail of her outfit that really popped to me as unique was the Madame X tattoo revealed on her upper arm. Though necklaces and bracelets are the more orthodox category of accessories, I would have to say that tattoos are just in the same ball park of such—just permanent. Her ink complemented her outfit even further as it presented an alternative twist that juxtaposed the simplicity of the striped tank and black bottoms.

Another detail of her outfit that I very much appreciated was her vintage leather backpack. It further accented an edgy quality that rebels against the summer heat as leather lovers like me melt in our jackets. Its structured design gives the outfit a sleek finish that contrasts the Fashionista’s cool disheveled ‘do and rounded glasses.

How To: Hesitant to put on leather in such heat? Well such a material can be presented in multiple ways other than a jacket (as shown by our Fashionista), whether as a backpack, clutch, or even shoes! As for tattoos, its understandable the uncertainty of getting such, however temporary tattoos can be the fix to this issue!