ALL IN THE DETAILS: Summer Time, Runner's Time

Summer is the season that really pushes fellow Fashionistas and Fashionistos to look their best. The weather is great and people are always out and about having a great time, so it’s only right to show off your unique sense of style. As you travel and explore famous areas or stumble upon secret spots, it’s important to stay comfortable, yet well-dressed at the same time. Most likely, you are going to be doing a lot of this exploring by foot. So, the key to staying comfortable and looking good is treating your feet well with a sporty pair of sneakers.

This Fashionisto does it right by adding some flavor to his simple outfit by switching out a normal T-shirt for a henley shirt and exchanging boring trousers for a thin and light pair of joggers. As for what is on his feet, it is a pair of super comfortable New Balance 998’s. This coloration is a limited collaboration with J.Crew. The Pebble Blue and Gray hues of the sneaker really bring the whole outfit together with its earthly tones. The outfit now grabs people’s attention not in a flashy manner, but rather points out how casual and clean this Fashionisto is. Runners tend to have an aggressive look to them that help the wearer give off a sharp and stylish vibe with almost any outfit. Their versatility, comfort and style cannot be matched by another type of shoe. Although it may seem expensive to invest in a pair, a good pair of runners should always be a must in everyone’s wardrobe because they tend to last a very long time. Even under heavy use, they can last for almost a year and are still easy to clean.

These particular 998’s were originally worn in the ’80s and ’90s for marathon runners. Although they are no longer used for training and competition today, they still maintain the same level of quality, comfort and technology as before. The cushioning, stability and support of runners are unparalleled. The great thing about runners is that the technology and quality is always improving, and there are multiple colors and styles to chose from. Brands such as Nike, Saucony, Asics, New Balance and adidas are always putting out new designs and limited edition pairs. Therefore, it is a guarantee that you will eventually find a pair you love.

How To: Thinking that runners are too casual for your outfit and won’t go together? Wrong. The versatility of runners cannot be questioned even in a suit and tie. They can virtually be paired with any outfit and still look sleek and fashionable. The main thing is to make sure that the colors of your runners compliment your outfit and don’t outshine what you are wearing. Also, make sure that the runners fit perfectly for maximum comfort.