Suede is a fabric that has typically been worn only in cold weather months, but lately we are seeing suede in all seasons. Wearing what is normally considered a winter material in the summer can be intimidating because you don’t want to look like you are dressed for a blizzard in the middle of a June heat wave. This Fashionista shows us how to keep suede light and summery in an outfit that is suitable for any warm day.

By making sure to purchase her suede as a white tank top, this fashionista assures that her top will not be mistaken for a piece she pulled from the back of her winter wardrobe. White is the most traditional summer color, and especially when a white top doesn’t have sleeves it is hard to mistake it for a winter piece. She then adds a further summery vibe to the outfit by pairing it with light wash capris and shimmery sandals. Finally, her teal jewelry adds a pop of the perfect summer hue. The teal jewelry with gold accents is the perfect addition to any summer outfit, as the teal and gold color combination will really pop against tanned skin.

How To: The perfect way to rock a summer suede is to begin by making sure the suede piece is in a light color, like white or nude. Next be sure to pair the suede with summery accessories, such as your favorite sandals and jewel-toned accessories. Be sure that if you are going to be wearing suede in the summer that you are showing a little skin the way this Fashionista leaves her arms exposed.