ALL IN THE DETAILS: Summer at Maxi-mum

July 13th, 2015 at 2:00am

Every year, there is a set number of trends all Fashionista/os should keep up with. In my personal opinion, 2015 is a year where such trends are even more accentuated. Revisiting ’70s fashion was long forecasted coming into this year; wearing gingham for men has now become a staple, with media calling gingham the new black.

Women’s fashion is, rather unfortunately, always more diverse and interesting than men’s. It’s difficult to pinpoint a single item for Fashionistas. However (thankfully), every trend seems so clear-cut for me this year. This summer, all Fashionistas ought to be hip with maxi skirts and dresses.

Some might be worried about the sheer surface area maxi pieces cover, especially under this blazing sun that Cleveland is blessed with. The featured Fashionista seems to have all the answers for that.

The Fashionista’s maxi skirt is made of a flowing, lightweight silk. The material makes it cool for the Fashionista, but what makes the maxi skirt not too heavy for others to look at? On top of it having a side slit (which I think is always right on maxi pieces), the saturated blue skirt is also see through, revealing the Fashionista’s long legs one way or another.

Many saturated black and blue combinations can’t really justify themselves in the summer wardrobe. However, this Fashionista looks as if she’s doing everything she can to justify her decision to wear her favorite colors regardless of the season.

“I’m wearing a see through, side slit skirt and a sleeveless top. I can wear my colors now, right?”

If I’m in any place to answer, I’d say “no problem.” This Fashionista’s t-strap sandals, cyan mani/pedicures and all her accessories on her upper body seem very well coordinated. They are in accordance with the blue maxi skirt and further add richness to her outfit.

How To: Want to wear your favorite deep, rich colors under the sun? Lighten the fabric and slit your skirt on the side!