ALL IN THE DETAILS: Suiting Up for Summer

During the blazing summers in Texas, it’s customary to accomplish your fashion goals while wearing as few clothes as necessary. In order to compensate for the lack of clothes you take the time to accessorize. For this Fashionisto, he decided to put his fears of the sun aside and bring some color and class to a suit even on this scorching hot summer day.

Florals are becoming a big thing in men’s prints this summer. From shoes to shirts, floral prints are taking charge in mens fashion. With this trend extending to mass brands such as Zara and H&M to more elite designers such as Paul Smith and Giuseppe Zanotti, designers are making sure everything is decked out in flowery prints. This is a response to a floral craze from last summer, when fashion houses splashed the look on shirts, shorts and even shoes.

The first thing I noticed about this Fashionisto is the skinny floral tie. Just as it takes a real man to wear pink, it takes even more of a man to wear floral and make it look masculine. The pants and tie are paired so perfectly, you’d think that it came together as a set.

Holding his tie in place is a single bar tie clip. No summer breeze is gonna throw off this Fashionistos’ game. To balance the gold tie clip, he wears a sleek gold watch and some brown beaded bracelets. Who said boys can’t have arm candy?

The color of his blazer is not your typical black or dark colored jacket. The light gray color is perfectly paired with the deep red pants in order to create a colorful business casual look. This is a perfect for a summer day time outfit for going to church or even sunday brunch with some friends.

How To: Want to achieve this Fashionisto’s look? Pair a floral tie with any solid color button down and a soft colored blazer. Also, add a pair of colored pants that correspond to the color of your floral tie. It’ll make the tie stand out among the whole outfit.