ALL IN THE DETAILS: Suedin' in the Sun

June 5th, 2016 at 2:10am

Now that we are melting under the sun in very high temperatures, it is now time to show some of those toes we have been hiding under our boots and sneakers for so long. The slightly heeled sandal is the essential piece you need for your wardrobe this summer, and in this post I am going to tell you exactly why.

As I mentioned earlier, the heeled sandal is an important pair of shoes you need in your wardrobe. First off, it easily amps up whatever ensemble you are rocking. The sandal, by being slightly heeled, automatically gives you a more put together look. The second reason is the girly essence these shoes give. Putting on a pair of these suede beauties instantly creates a feminine look. Lastly, short heels like this are going to be your best friend because of comfort. By being only a tad heeled, maybe one to two inches, these sandals are easily just as comfortable as any of your non-heeled, flat sandals.

So the bottom line is, all of our favorite places are carrying these cute sandals because they go with everything (when I say everything, I mean everything) and because they bring an outfit together. Plus, who said suede is solely a winter fabric? Some of my favorites are available at Free People, like these simple suede sandals and this pair that features a whole lot of strappy detailing. But it gets better: you don’t need to spend your entire life savings to grab a pair of these. Some of my more cost-efficient favorites include these simple ones from Zara and this suede pair from ASOS.

This Fashionista has done an excellent job styling her delicate suede sandals. She paired her sandals with a pair of very distressed blue jeans. To brighten the look, she put on a flowy pink tank top. The high neckline and flowy cut of the shirt help to successfully make this ensemble aesthetically pleasing. To top it off, she put on a variety of accessories, including numerous Alex and Ani bracelets with gunmetal and gold hardware (two different metals that complement each other quite nicely).

How To: Grab a pair of your favorite sandals and pair it with simple pieces such as either a romper, a dress or a pair of jeans. Throw a pop of color in there, whether it be on the top or the sandals themselves. Wear them with confidence and you are solid.