April 14th, 2016 at 2:10am

In my opinion, more of anything is always better (unless it’s homework of course). By this, I mean more color, more flare, more pizzazz, more risks; just MORE! Relating this to fashion, I’ve always believed you need to stand out from the crowd with what you choose to put on your body each given day. Each day is a new opportunity to experiment with your look and strive to push the limit on how different you can make each outfit (even with the same necessary staple pieces we all cling to).

However, there is beauty to be found in the art of minimalism and subtlety whether it is in a painting, drawing or simply being worn by a person. A minimalist approach can successfully stand out in a unique way, which is what I found with this Fashionista’s outfit choice and accessories.

This Fashionista’s main pieces are muted tones resulting in ripped boyfriend jeans, a black T-shirt and a long gray cardigan to create the base of the outfit. The water color nature-inspired infinity scarf acts as a distinct statement piece that connects the green and yellow pops of color to her notebook while contrasting the blue and gloomy day that I caught her on! The overall white/cream in the scarf ties in to the subtlety of the neutral motif found within the rest of the outfit.

While most would choose to wear black booties with this particular outfit, this Fashionista is a walking example of a perfect time to wear black and brown together to create contrast and add a level of interest within the outfit. The brown booties complement the cream cross-body bag that is not only neutral-chic with a simple design, but is also functional for class!

With the neutral palette and minor pops of color highlighted in this ensemble, this Fashionista wins the case for “less is more.”

How to: Still struggling with mixing neutrals? Try wearing this open-front cardigan with jeans and a gray or white blouse underneath to get you started!