ALL IN THE DETAILS: Subtle Embellishments

Do you ever have those days when all you want to wear is a white T-shirt and jeans, but you’re still looking to earn style points from your peers? I know I do! The white T-shirt and jeans combo is a classic go-to for so many of us. I often find myself reaching for these items several times throughout the week. However, when you do go for the white T-shirt and jeans, you run the risk of looking, well, just average. Who wants to look average?! I certainly don’t. Next time you’re in the mood to throw on that go-to look, step up your game with a little bit of embellishment!

This Fashionista really knows how to amp up the ultimate go-to ensemble! With the subtle embellishments in her outfit, she takes the white T-shirt and jeans look to a whole new level of cool. Her decision to steer clear of a pair of standard blue jeans already sets her apart. Her black, waxed skinny jeans with ribbed details on the knees are so subtly edgy! They look great paired with her simple black sandals. Her moto-style denim jacket offers another twist on a classic item, and also adds to the edgy vibe. Instead of going for a simple bag, this Fashionista’s went for a cross-body purse that is exploding with crazy cool, eye-catching details with its flashy colors, beaded details, geometric shapes and chain-style strap. This is an intriguing element that is sure to get people talking!

This Fashionista took her look up another notch with the way she styled it. First off, the bright pop of ruby red on her lips is definitely an attention catcher; with a bold lip, she exudes such confidence! Second, her wayfarer sunnies offer another cool element that flows perfectly with the overall look. Her simple jewelry, like her dainty nose ring and simple earrings keep the look from straying too far into the realm of over-embellishment. Finally, with wispy bangs and tousled pony, this Fashionista’s hair adds that last bit of edge to round out the look.

With this look, this Fashionista offers her own personal twist on the classic white T-shirt and jeans combo. She’s looking very calm, cool and collected in this ensemble. We should all take some serious notes from this rockin’ Fashionista! I know I’m going to!

How To: Want to rock a look like this, but feel like you don’t have the money to buy the eye-catching elements? Here are a few things you can do to embellish your own pieces at little to no cost. Embellish a pair of jeans by distressing them at the knees or attaching some studs to the pockets. Embellish your white T-shirt by adding a few slashes to random areas of the shirt. Or embellish your denim jacket by sewing on some cool patches. Be your own stylist and designer!