ALL IN THE DETAILS: Studs on Studs

Transitioning to a Los Angeles winter can be difficult for any Fashionista. Some days call for the perfect pair of jean shorts and the next day requires a leather jacket and boots. Living in LA makes experimenting with different styles and outfit combinations an everyday opportunity. The small details that work for any look, no matter the weather, are a necessity.

This Fashionista caught my eye because her look transitioned from the rainy, cold week into a sunny, winter style. The simple striped long sleeve was highlighted by the studded dark jeans that gave this look an edge. Having a small detail like studs on a great pair of jeans can take any outfit and give it a unique touch. She then paired this with white crochet sneakers, which dressed down the studded jeans and complimented the white and navy long sleeve.

Like the studs, the crochet design on the sneakers added a personal detail to this look; a choice to combine different subtle textures that completed a cool, winter outfit. Adding a pair of Ray Bans and an oversized purse with small studs to match, this look is far from simple or predictable, it is detailed and complex. Having small additions throughout an outfit can show off personality and new trends while keeping in mind the core of ones personal style and self expression. The studs on the jeans and the interesting patterns on the shoes helped this Fashionista base her look in the details, which all together created an outfit unique to her style and perfect for this LA winter.