March 18th, 2016 at 2:00am

This time of year it can be pretty tempting to jump on the activewear train and wear leggings, sweatshirts and even ponytails to class everyday. In fact, the grand majority of winter fashion consists of somber grays and shady blacks. The layered look proves to be as popular as ever with girls layering full-length puffy coats atop of their hooded sweatshirts. The winter blues can even make slipping into a pair of jeans seem rather daunting. Brace yourselves now because only those brave enough to stray from the comfort zone in their closet, will prove to be dressing for success.

This Fashionista displays her courage as she stands up to the cold weather and any idea of bumming it to class. She braves the denim and embraces the darker hues of winter in a new light. Instead of blending in to the arrays of black puffer coats, she is camouflaged in a gray wool sweater-coat that matches the overcast skies. Facing off the layered look, she has not one but two layers peaking out from under her outerwear. She stands off against the cold in a classic preppy look, the sweater over collared shirt trend. What makes this look pop out more than most is all in the details. Her collar is studded with silver beads, creating an effortless way to accessorize. The silver beads reflect the gray color scheme of this winter look as the color mirrors that in her sweater-coat as well as her gray riding boots.

How To: Shoot for a jacket that strays from the standard wintry puffy coat. Go for something with more texture to help the details in your look make themselves known. Sweater-coats are becoming more mainstream because they complete the look and you don’t even have to take them off once you get inside. To steal this bedazzled preppy look, seek out a button-down shirt with a studded collar of some sort. Layer a long sleeve sweater over top in such a way so that the collar, sleeve cuffs and bottom of the shirt all peak out from underneath. This will create the contrast of materials that we’re looking for in the details. Slide into a pair of suede riding boots that match the color scheme of your look. Matching gray boots to a gray sweater for example will ensure that an essence of unity is maintained throughout your outfit.