ALL IN THE DETAILS: Striped Madness

September 9th, 2015 at 2:10am

We are starting to get into the season we have all been waiting for, fall! Though our clothes are transforming into this wonderful time of the year faster than the weather, transitional pieces and patterns are staple for a smooth season change. We all have that one staple pattern that pulls together an outfit or those we just cannot get enough of and for this season I would have to say that pattern would have to be stripes, stripes and more stripes!

When I found this Fashionista roaming campus, I just knew she had the same idea in mind as I did. Her outfit screams transitional piece with just one of my favorite details of the season, stripes! She was rocking the black and white striped shift dress for that subtle change but also for the comfort of the changing weather. By adding this acid-wash denim jacket over the dress, she emphasizes more of the fall affect, which we are trying to ease into. In my opinion, this Fashionista does a great job of doing so. But let’s not forget those platform sandals that lengthen her leg and do wonders for this shift dress combo. They complete the look.

How To: There are always those transitional days during the year where you can’t decide whether you should wear shorts and a sweater or jeans and a T-shirt. The idea here is the same; just changed up a bit! The shift dress is a perfect balance and not only could you detail your outfit with a striped pattern, but you could always do a simple color or bold color. On top of that, a denim jacket isn’t your only option. You could always pair the shift dress with a chambray jacket or blazer! So why not take a risk with patterns and combos to welcome in the new season.