ALL IN THE DETAILS: Stripingly Summer

Okay Fashionistas/os, there are just a few more weeks of classes and exams. Soon you’ll only need to worry about the good things in life. With another year of school under your belt, it’s finally time to start welcoming the summer vibes and the inevitable summer heat. Thankfully, with summer comes detailed shorts, vibrant T-shirts and tank tops and dresses that flow with the breeze. It’s time to break out the those staple dresses that make you remember why summer is easily the best season in the midst of a heat stroke.

This Fashionista is wearing a flawless summer go-to ensemble. Not only is she comfortable and chic, but she’s also stylish in her distressed striped dress. This dress is ideal for anything the season brings and is still easy to dress up or down based on the occasion. To add an accent color to the ensemble, this Fashionista sported a long turquoise pendant. She showed her Greek pride by wearing her sorority pin and matching ring. Finally, she slipped on a pair of brown heeled booties before strutting out the door. To dress this look up, simply switch the booties to a pair of wedges!

How To: Use some of your winter favorites to spruce up your summer dress just like this Fashionista did with her brown heeled booties. Booties are a trend that isn’t going out of style quite yet. Don’t be afraid to rock those cute new booties you got this winter for a few more months.