ALL IN THE DETAILS: Striking In Stripes

As a Fashionista in a big city, I am an avid “people watcher.” I often observe the people around me because I am constantly on the lookout for visually captivating outfits. I am usually drawn to outfits that consist of elements that pop out at me. A great example of this is when people wear patterns.

One of the best ways to catch someone’s eye is by wearing patterns. Though they can be pretty bold and tricky to match, patterns are a great way to accentuate an outfit. I see Chicago Fashionistos and Fashionistas rocking patterns all the time, especially in the fall. This particular Fashionista was so striking in her outfit, I just had to take her photo!

The Fashionista confidently wears a neutral colored long sleeve dress with horizontal stripes at the front and vertical stripes along the sides. Her beige hat and brown booties accessorize her overall look, yet do not overpower the pattern she is wearing. It is important to incorporate basic accessories while wearing stripes. This keeps the pattern as the main focal point of the outfit. She adds a metallic pop by wearing gold-rimmed aviator sunglasses and a gold cross-body bag.

When it comes to patterns, stripes are incredibly classic and never go out of style. They are a great way to add flare to an ensemble. Anybody can wear stripes since they come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. If chosen and styled correctly, they are very flattering and can be worn for almost any occasion! If you’re looking for a way to spice up your fall wardrobe, add in a few striped pieces!

How To: Not sure what kinds of stripes suit you best? Try on horizontal stripes for a casual, playful look or slip into vertical stripes for a professional, sophisticated approach.