The daunting monochromatic outfit is a big risk for a lot of people. Even though it can look powerful and sophisticated, it can also feel like too much of the same thing. If you still want the power of a monochromatic style, but not the boring aspect, then add a few accents of low-key colors. If the accents are bright colors or loud prints, they will attract the most attention. By adding a few small areas of color, the outfit is mostly monochromatic with just a few unexpected tones.

Black tends to be the most popular color in monochromatic outfits because of its classic, edgy appeal. It also seems to magically dress up a look, even when it is a casual outfit. This Fashionista looks chic, refined and dressed up in her black outfit. The jeans and sweater alone would be a very casual look, but she pairs them with amazing heeled boots, a collared shirt, bold lipstick, necklaces and a colored ring. The accents immediately dress up the outfit, and I think she looks very put together. The stone ring caught my eye instantly because it is different from the rest of the outfit. It has a classic antique finish, which compliments the modern look of the other pieces. The turquoise color also breaks up the black, so it is not overwhelming.

Colored rings are always a fun way to make an outfit unique. Rings with big stones are great because you can find them in all colors and price points. Stones come in so many sizes, shapes and styles, so it is highly unlikely you have the same one as someone else. By wearing a ring that compliments the rest of the colors you are wearing, it shows you put time and care into your outfit. This Fashionista’s ring and necklaces are silver, but this doesn’t mean you can’t mix and match. Mixed media rings can add interesting textures to an outfit. As always, make sure the ring you choose is personal to you and makes you feel confident!

How To: Have a ring that doesn’t seem to match anything? No problem. Try wearing it with a neutral colored sweater and black jeggings. These pieces will let the ring have all the attention.