ALL IN THE DETAILS: Stomping Grounds

Fall is in the air, and you know what that means? It’s officially time to buy as many pairs of boots as imaginable. You know how it goes. Our parents may not understand the saying: “There’s no such thing as having too many boots,” but for the colder months of the year this phrase means everything to Fashionistas/os. It’s easy to lean toward the boots that are cute, but what about the ones that are going to tough it out through the weather with you?

This Fashionista proves that though the Chelsea boot may be stylish; it’s not going to get us through the rain and snow. Her brown Dr. Martens not only serve a practical purpose, they also tie her whole outfit together. Her choice in boots give this Fashionista a rugged look. All practicality aside, combat boots like Dr. Martens are extremely popular in the fashion world. So, you’re certainly not sacrificing style when you choose to wear these.

The worn-out look of these boots really adds something extra to this Fashionista’s denim ensemble. Denim will never go out of style and neither will denim on denim looks. The combination of the brown with the blue hues creates a very earthy and in-season color palette. Choosing shoes to top off your ensemble can be the hardest part of putting together any outfit.

The question is: how can you make this outfit look new and not overdone? The answer, my friends, is socks. This Fashionista is able to not only add color to her ensemble, but a pattern as well. Boot socks are the perfect way to make your favorite look brand new every time.

How To: Put on your favorite pair of jeans, get your combat boots ready and make sure your socks are peeping through. Don’t worry. Whatever’s thrown your way, you’ll stomp through it.