Summer 2015 is finally here and it is a hot one! Humidity is rising and so is your hair, just by walking from the front door to your car you start sweating bullets. A bad hair day is always on its way so thankfully hats are in to save the day! So don’t let the heat and humidity win by staying inside to watch TV. Get up, throw on a cute hat and make your way out. Whether you are going to the pool for the day, golfing or shopping, these items are a perfect accessory. There are millions of hats out in the shopping world and no matter what outfit you are rocking that day, there is a hat to finish off your look. You can wear an oversized floppy hat or just a simple black Panama hat. Don’t second guess it, just show off your RAD hat.

This Fashionista’s hat is perfect for any occasion with its neutral color that is simple and light. It is big enough to keep the hot sun off your face, but light enough so it doesn’t overheat your head. This hat is perfect for any summer day with the roughed up touch along the brim. Along with the hat, this Fashionista is wearing a long romper with a high waistline. To add a little bling to her look, she wears two different length gold necklaces. that makes her look simple and chic. To keep this outfit summery, she rocks a pair of black sandals.

The style of a hat is extremely important as not everyone can wear this shape like this Fashionista. Try on a ton as maybe a smaller hat looks better with the frame of your face. Make sure to try on all styles from baseball caps to oversized floppy hats. Having a few hats in your closet is essential for any Fashionista so play around and have fun trying on crazy hats!

How To: Want to get this Fashionista’s look? Try on all kinds of hats to find what looks best on you. Next, find an outfit that complements the color of the hat. To start off easy, try wearing a simple solid color and wear a dress or even jeans and a simple shirt. Style on my Fashionistas and Fashionistos!