Spring Break is a time that is usually filled with tropical locations, bikinis and working on our tan lines. However, for about 550 college and high school students, Spring Break was spent in chilly New York City to attend Teen Vogue’s Fashion University. Of course, it was a time where I learned so much valuable information and realized how many people dress better than I do. The weekend inspired me so much to reach for my dreams and to step up my fashion game.

This week’s Fashionista came all the way from Michigan and brought with her a killer fashion sense. I applaud her confidence to wear a leopard print coat, and she slays in it! I always wanted to buy myself a leopard print coat, but have shied away from it.

I also give major props to this Fashionista for wearing a dress with no tights and wedges in the cold weather. It’s not an easy task to walk around the Big Apple with windy weather and still look so fierce.

What I love most about this Fashionista’s outfit is how she tied her look together with her gold accessories. Her gold watch and bracelet match the gold buckles on her wedges. What really caught my eye though was her golden flash tattoo. I am seeing them everywhere, whether they are on my fellow classmates or sold in packs at the store. I can’t wait to see more of them as the weather warms up and Fashionistas/os start wearing their summer clothing!

How To:  Add sophistication to your outfit by matching all the metals of your accessories! Rose gold is a favorite of mine. It’s a more modern twist on yellow gold.