ALL IN THE DETAILS: Statement Suede

October 23rd, 2015 at 2:10am

This Fashionista has all kinds of little details that complete her look. She has been wearing this seasons trends such as an oversized long coat, suede mini skirt, little blue cross body bag, white round sunglasses and her hair in a half-up half-down bun. Additionally this Fashionista has rings, bracelets, anklets and flat black sandals.

I love her choice of skirt; we both agree that it’s important for the skirt to not have too much flare. I also learned from this Fashionista that London is very fashionable and everyone takes risks with their outfits every day. She also shared that even if someone doesn’t like an outfit that they can appreciate that person’s effort. I too can appreciate other self-expression and personal choices of style.

To imitate this look start by trying the beauty trend: half-up half-down bun hairstyle, grab a color blocking bag with a long off the shoulder strap and center the look on a few black pieces. This allows the suede skirt to stand out as the statement piece.

Also, aviators will always be in fashion but round sunglasses are the new and very popular sunglasses to wear if you dare. Make sure you get a pair you’re confident wearing I suggest a pop of color. Topshop offers many different options price and style wise. This Fashionista incorporated many different elements. The little addition of jewelry and hairstyle completes this look so don’t leave it just to the clothes, it’s all in the details to complete the look and complement the pieces.

How To: I recommend getting something suede because it is a huge fashion trend right now, perhaps something more winter appropriate or a mini skirt but to be worn with tights and boots.