ALL IN THE DETAILS: Stacks on Stacks

May 10th, 2016 at 2:00am

Jewelry stacking is hot, hot, hot right now. It is all the rage to throw on stacks on stacks of necklaces and bracelets to add to your already fabulous outfit. Well, this Fashionista knew just how to capture this trend with her incredible take on jewelry stacking.

This Fashionista had a simple, cute and casual outfit on but when she added her multiple necklaces and bracelets it took her look to the next level.

With this hot weather slowly but surely creeping up on us, this Fashionista decided to showcase her rocking jewelry stacks on a simple outfit. This Fashionista told me that her mom used to always say, “just throw on some accessories and it can spice up any outfit!” So, that’s exactly what she did!

While killing the game in her blue casual V-neck with white lace bralette underneath, she added some white shorts and some lace-up sandals and was ready to go! One thing that this Fashionista did that was perfect is she kept the same colors throughout her entire outfit. You will notice the blues and whites throughout all of her jewelry which ties the whole outfit together. Her fantastic bracelet stacks spice up the look and add a little pop of color and texture. Since there are so many, it draws in your eyes and get you to focus on the details in the jewelry which is just what this Fashionista wanted! Last but not least, this Fashionista is wearing a layered necklace set created by a local girl at school. She rocked this necklace stack and was looking picture perfect with all of her jewels.

How To: First, you will need to create a simple and plain outfit. Probably use neutrals somewhere in there so that you can make sure your jewelry totally pops! Second, you will need to find the jewels! Hit up any local clothing boutique or even stores like Forever 21 have great accessories to achieve looks like this! For the necklaces, find multiple layers. For example a choker, a midi necklace and a long necklace. Third, stick with a common color theme. This Fashionista stuck with blues and whites and it pulled her whole outfit together in the end, and it will help to create a cohesive look for you too!