Getting ready for an early class can seem like such a drag, which is why I rely so heavily on simple, fun accessories to throw on as I’m headed out the door. Stacking simple jewelry is such an easy way to amp up a look that feels too minimal.

This Fashionista nailed it by stacking some simple, long necklaces in gold, silver and black. When paired together, these basic colors pop, especially against her plain black sweater. The key to stacking necklaces is to wear ones with varying lengths. If the necklaces were all stacked together directly on top of one another, it would be too chunky. It would also probably be a nightmare to untangle. She added a gold ring with a star on it, which works because it’s still somewhat simple and matches the color palette of the necklaces.

Indigo or black jeans would have been to dark for this look, while a light wash would have been too much of a contrast. Instead, this Fashionista opted for gray jeans to bring balance to the outfit. Black ankle boots with gold buckles finish off the look.

By keeping the rest of her outfit simple, the stacked necklaces take center stage. Choosing three basic colors for her necklaces gave her a color palette to follow in the rest of her outfit. Necklace stacking is an easy fix when you want to add glam in a hurry. Just be sure that the necklaces are somewhat simple and that their lengths complement one another.

How To: Dying to spice up an old LBD in your closet? Drape some necklaces over your dress and instantly transform your look. It’s always best to buy and wear necklaces sold in packs, because then you know the lengths and colors will look just right against one another.