ALL IN THE DETAILS: Spring is Finally Here

April 24th, 2017 at 2:00am

Good news you all! After patiently (or impatiently) waiting…spring is finally here! Yes, I am aware that spring officially started on March 20th, but only according to astronomical methods. It was not until recently that spring started giving signs of life.

After months of relentless snowfall, strong winds, and frosty temperatures, the sun ultimately decided to come out and cheer us all up. This obviously means that we can kiss our coats and jackets goodbye. It’s now time to welcome light fabrics, floral prints, bright colors, and be ready to show a little bit more of skin (or not). But come on! It is impossible to turn down ripped jeans and exposed shoulder shirts (which I personally love).

As I was enjoying the nice weather on campus, I saw a student with a lovely outfit pass right by me. Her outfit was perfect for the weather. She wore an oversize cardigan that could be worn opened during the day and tugged to one’s body at night. This is an ideal cardigan for the spring because although it’s warm during the day, temperatures tend to drop a bit at night. She paired off her gray cardigan with jeans ripped at the knees, which were absolutely amazing. You should also consider wearing ripped jeans now before you find yourself freezing in them during the winter! This student also wore black booties, a fantastic choker, and a green army pattern tote which all gave the outfit a sense of flair.

Not only was the student’s outfit on point but I later found out that she loves spring as much as I do. She said, “I wish it was spring all year.” It is evident that even though we may want this to happen, it never will. This is why we should enjoy spring while it lasts even if it means going outdoors to get inspiration from people’s outfits, or going to the park, a museum, or even to the movies.