ALL IN THE DETAILS: “Spring” Into The Lights

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to stick with dark, neutral colors all the time. We’re used to wearing different tones of grays, whites, blacks, dark blues and dark reds, but never have I thought about wearing pastels. So what do you do with all the light pink and coral colored earrings and necklaces you have sitting in your jewelry box? It’s simple. You can start incorporating it into your warm outfits. If you can’t wait for winter and the cold to be over, follow this Fashionista’s footsteps by popping on a light colored necklace to a dark toned outfit to brighten up your style.

Here, our Fashionista paired a white flower necklace with a dark turquoise colored blazer with two-toned riding boots. She threw on a black and white block colored Steve Madden tote bag that doubles as a cross-body bag. The necklace complements the purse really well, which makes it stand out. Her outfit is a simple but is still a chic everyday look.

Adding a soft color to an outfit that uses any dark color, particularly black, helps bring the whole outfit together for a polished and fun look. If you find yourself missing the spring or summer weather, accessorize your wardrobe with flower necklaces or anything with a soft color to really make a statement.

How To: To really make the necklace stand out, pair it with either a black sweater or black pants to draw attention straight to the accessory. If you decide to wear a dark colored sweater, match it with a dark pair of jeans with a neutral cardigan or sweater with any soft colored necklace. This means you can finally use those pastels until the weather gets better!