ALL IN THE DETAILS: Spring Delicacy

One afternoon strolling through campus I ran into this lovely Fashionista perfectly embodying the spirit of spring. Her outfit combined floral and earthy pieces in a very unique way. This spring season, floral patterns and jean skirts are totally a must-have. Apart from being trendy, this Fashionista accessorized with dainty pieces, personalizing a simple outfit with her sense of style. It’s as if every little part comprising her outfit tells a story through the voice of the spring breeze.

Romantic yet casual, the pieces in her outfit all complement each other without becoming overpowering. Each individual piece stands on its own beautifully. A floral top, showcasing the most color in her outfit, contains tones of navy, pinks and muted greens. Tucked into an asymmetrical jean skirt, a light brown belt seamlessly breaks apart the busy top from the blue denim. She accessorized the outfit with a delicate hand chain, a nude band watch and a long necklace with an owl pendant. Finishing off her outfit, she kept it classic and simple with strappy black ballerina style shoes.

How To: In order to achieve this look you can easily pair a floral top with any jean skirt. You can emulate her accessories by adding a hand chain and a watch with a band that matches the color of your belt. You can finish off your outfit by wearing simple black shoes, either black ballerina flats or strappy ones. Most importantly, don’t let your pieces clash by keeping a sense of delicacy when selecting each piece you use to make your outfit.