ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sportin' Those Slides

Ever just wanted to lounge around at home and watch Netflix or just relax and enjoy the day? I have had many days like these where it has just been a lazy day. When lounging around or running errands on a laid back summer day, sometimes it may be challenging to find the appropriate footwear. However, don’t fret!  Slipping into some comfy sports slides is quick, easy and in style.

The Fashionisto above is clad in a black Nike shirt and black Adidas skinny leg athletic pants. His footwear consists of colorful Nike socks and a pair of black Nike men’s Benassi swoosh sports slides. Though his attire is all-black, the Fashionisto made sure to incorporate some color into his look.

This look is similar to previous seasons of the adidas ready-to-wear menswear collections. This look is also present in young men across many campuses. Sports slides are trending (no matter the brand) and give the Fashionisto a nice relaxed look.

The sports slides are easy to slide on whether you’re rushing to the grocery store, going out to run errands or just walking around campus between classes. Slides can be worn to the gym and the shopping outlet, too. Though slides are mainly worn with athletic apparel such as track pants, joggers and basketball shorts, they also pair well with denim shorts and pants. Along with that, most young men (such as the Fashionisto above) wear slides with socks. This look is great for any season. Sports slides can be found in just about any shoe store and are typically inexpensive depending on the brand.

How To: Want to wear your brand new slides but don’t know what outfit to pair them with? Try a white V-neck T-shirt, some joggers and you are good to go.