ALL IN THE DETAILS: Spiced Up Comfort

College calls for comfort, but our inner Fashionista calls for cute. The way to get the best of both worlds is to take a comfy base and spice it up with unique and interesting accessories, particularly a statement necklace. To really make a pop with a statement necklace, you’ve got to have an interesting, yet cohesive platform to work with. Our Fashionista’s base of choice is the shirt dress. One like this is the perfect base to add your statement necklace and other interesting pieces to.

It can be easy to fall into the trap of throwing on a statement necklace and calling it a day. However, the look can fall flat if you rely too much on one accessory. Just one big, loud, colorful or interesting necklace can throw an outfit off balance if other parts of the body seem under accessorized and bare. It’s good to even out jewelry via layers or with some other pieces that pop. For example, some super cool sneakers such as these ones from New Balance are comfy and don’t leave your feet looking blah. Mix them with statement socks for extra flare.

However, when spicing up such a plain base with accessories, it can be easy to overload it and overpower your blank canvas. To avoid that, keep all your major items monochrome and low on texture. Here, our Fashionista stuck with smooth, gray fabrics for her T-shirt dress, sneakers and bag. The vegan leather bag, similar to this one, elevates the outfit and adds interest without adding clutter.

To top it off, our Fashionista added bold jewelry for interest. Her statement necklace is certainly the focal point of her look, and it isn’t competing with too many loud accessories.  Necklaces with a mix of textures like this one add a softer and more natural statement to a plain base. But jewelry with beading or more length as well as metallic pieces can perfectly top off almost any comfy base.

How To: If you want to feel comfy and still pop while walking down the street, using a statement necklace to spice up low effort basics is the way to go. Lazy days are the perfect day to put yourself out there with bold jewelry. Pick one piece and really let it speak for itself.