ALL IN THE DETAILS: Spice Up Your Life

June 7th, 2016 at 2:00am

The best part about wearing a classic outfit is being able to add your own touch to it. This is a fun way to play it safe, yet let people know who you really are. Modern day trends can be taken to all new heights, with the perfect accessories and details. This Fashionista was styled in a way to be a showstopper, without letting people know that was the goal.

This Fashionista is wearing a classic T-shirt and boyfriend jean combo. This is great for an everyday look, but it never hurts to add in some eye catching details. The Fashionista is rocking a pastel pink oversized T-shirt, adding a Yeezy Season vibe to the outfit. Matching with her almost neutral top, she is wearing tan suede Vans, keeping the outfit current yet unique.

To tie in the feel of the season, she is wearing a tropical printed, distressed boyfriend jean. Finally, rather than throwing on a tired chunky necklace, she spices the outfit up with a pop of color. A trendy red bandanna is tied around her neck as the perfect touch to this over all edgy and masculine outfit. Hair and makeup can always pull a look together, or possibly tear it apart. To keep the outfit from getting too complicated she finished the look with a clean ponytail and a pop of cobalt blue eye shadow, to brighten her hazel eyes.

How to: This outfit is very easy to recreate, while also being affordable. Any T-shirt can replace the one this Fashionista is wearing. Whether it be graphic, plain or even fringed. A boyfriend jean is one of the most commonly worn pieces and can be found in almost every fast fashion store. To completely make it your own, you could even distress a pair of old jeans or buy new ones to your own liking. This outfit is generally casual, so a sneaker is usually paired with it, but it is simple to dress up. Instead of sneakers, you could pair this look with Chelsea boots, or a trendy pair of heels. This look is easy to play around with and can exude whatever genre of style you wish to portray!